Trapped In A Demographic

Trapped in a data box because search data limits what I see now. Logged into Twitter and it suggested I’d be interested in:

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  • #PetSematary“Scary as hell.” Opens tonight

    Promoted by Pet Sematary

  • #NationalBurritoDay11.1K Tweets
  • Cowboy BebopJohn Cho leads the cast for the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop
  • John ChoJohn Cho leads the cast for the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop
  • #ThursdayThoughts110K Tweets
  • #NCTMSD20194,000 Tweets
  • MacKenzie Bezos8,342 Tweets
  • Herman CainPresident Trump expected to name Herman Cain to Federal Reserve Board, reports say
  • #WindmillsCauseCancerPeople are mocking President Trump’s claim that noise from windmills causes cancer
  • Jeff BezosJeff and MacKenzie Bezos share divorce settlement

Twitter has boxed me in by demographic, so now I have to use keyword search in order to find what’s worth studying. Otherwise, I’ll only be studying a machine’s opinion of what I find worth studying. Worse, Twitter pushes promoted tweets to the top. Finally, what were once political objects (politicians who hadn’t gotten wise to Twitter), are now political subjects (Trump et al) and must not be talked about. This all combines into a pre-sorted pattern stream of tweets from famous people and advertisers and warp the general conversation away from old fashioned internet satire and bullshit.


So, I ask another robot for a news opinion. Google News serves me headlines about the Mueller Investigation. These are official narratives, but I’m interested in unofficial narratives and counter-narratives.

I ask Twitter ‘Mueller more hide’ and it responds. I pick the top tweet without a picture, because picture tweets are annoying and the cancer of Twitter in general, and this one pops up

Renee Moore‏ @ReneeMo87327906 7h

7 hours ago


Some on Mueller’s Team See Their Findings as More Damaging for Trump Than Barr Revealed … Since Mueller had hundreds working for him who was it ?? Or is this another Fabricated Tale, why hide their name if it is TRUE, deception propaganda, my opinion.

First off, to what does she object? The headline suggests to her that there is something self-evidently objectionable, but I cannot see it. Maybe she doesn’t object?

Do I have to click the link? I don’t like to reward bad behavior, so I don’t.

She darkly alludes to ‘another Fabricated Tale,’ by one of hundreds working for Mueller. As if Mueller conducts an orchestra of liars playing grand conspiracy against Trump. Because the investigation is all ‘deception’ and ‘propaganda.’

Some of this only makes sense if you already believe this was a ‘fake investigation.’ ‘Fake’ as in, not for ‘legitimate’ reasons. ‘Fake’ as in false evidence to frame someone else.

Looking deeper, I see she only has 2 followers and 1618 tweets. It’s a bot.

It’s the only post in the last 7 hours to use those keywords? I highly doubt it.

Nope, but the next one is from 11 hours ago. It’s the chiral opposite of the first post. A real person. But he used a picture so I don’t count him either. No, I wanted a regular tweet, like in the old days.

I have to sort past a Foursquare advertisement, a bunch of 11 hour ago tweets, a George Takei tweet from January 18 (!), before I find what my human intelligence determines to be an ‘organic and recent’ tweet.

Ivan G.Goldman‏ @ivan_goldman 4h

4 hours ago


This first leak from the Mueller team in the history of the Mueller team is a shot across the bow. It tells us any attempt to hide the report will fail. Because one good leak leads to another. …

For a burning question that the entire country seems to care about, Twitter returns a bot account that seems to have been customized to infuriate me, and a bunch of stale tweets about a topic one would think would generate more activity. The actual conversation is buried.

In order to mold the conversation, Twitter has killed it. It has tried to show me what it thinks I want to see, thus depriving me of surprise.

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