Trump Era Survival Manual Part 1: Interview With Chad X

Trump Era Survival Manual

Back in 2016 we interviewed insurgent survival experts to find out how to resist the viciousness of the Trump era. Who are insurgent survival experts? Let us call them criminals and anarchists. Whether or not one agrees with their point of view, these people are the most experienced with political resistance. For at its root, all criminality is a revolt against the social contract. In turn that social contract is the base for political legitimacy. For minorities and those with outsider opinions, the forces of the state have always been antagonistic. It is only in this Trump era that a larger portion of the population is alienated from the state as they observe the organs of state power hijacked by powers that endorse a bigoted agenda. Only now does a portion of the population that conformed in every way but in political allegiance now see the danger of the Trump and Alt-Right agenda. That is to say, now bourgeois white liberals feel a small taste of the menace the state and hegemony reserve for outsiders with ‘unpatriotic’ thoughts and opinions.

As patriotism gets redefined, totalitarians divide the ruled into insider and outsider camps until only the dictator and his party remain. What started with Newt Gingrich—who considers political opposition inherently unpatriotic—morphed into David Brooks/GW Bush style ‘Centrist Determinism’ and finally degenerated into Trump style of treating the opposition which he governs to being treasonous

Each unanswered outrage violating political precedent merely signals to the aspirational fascists in America that the left is too weak to resist them. Given our recent experience, this is likely a correct assessment. Given the paucity of organized resistance against these American Fascist forces, we in the loyal opposition will need to readjust our thinking into a genuine opposition. Trump only exists as a political force because the edifices that oppose these power structures are intellectually bankrupt.

Real opposition requires a revolution in thought, before effective strategies and tactics can develop. If all our inherited political consensus was effective, then Trump wouldn’t have been able to get this far. If our political and intellectual institutions were effective, they would have defeated Trump and the Alt-Right before they got this powerful. It is for this reason all intellectuals need to divorce themselves from these failed institutions which have been hijacked by sociopaths, psychopaths, the mediocre, and intellectually dishonest.

Those who seek to resist these terrorists who have hijacked our republic and our discourse need to be reacquainted with genuine rebels and their mentality. For only those who resisted these fascist trends before they reached fruition have the credibility to denounce it, now that it is the paradigm. Those who reject criminals and anarchists as having nothing to teach ‘respectable’ society are those who also failed to check the expansion of the Alt-Right and who have lost their legitimacy as intellectual and moral arbiters.

Chad X was a career criminal who specialized in robbing other criminals. After surviving two stints in prison and a point blank gunshot to the head, he now works as a physical trainer and competes at an elite athletic level.

What does the Trump Era mean to you and how does one survive it?

I’ve been disenchanted by the government for a long time… I think we’ve been setting ourselves up for this for a long time.

Basically the fact that government has been lying to us for a long time… What’s happening now is it’s much more transparent.

I mean everything. The whole 80s with Nancy Reagan pushing to say no to drugs. Just say no.

… the whole Iran-Contra affair and the fact that the CIA was bringing in tons of cocaine into the country. And it’s what built the skyline in Miami and why Miami is an affluent city to this day because it was built on cocaine money… all the way. If people beat the war on drugs they’ll be out of a job. They’re never going to beat the war on drugs. That’s just how it is. It goes into so many different aspects of our lives.

We’re not governed by the people which is what was originally what we were designed for. We are governed by an elite class that aren’t even subjected to the laws they pass.

I think people can catastrophize things all they want. But until we see that, you can look at it like oh he’s discriminating against Muslims. There are a lot of things, people can make a comparison to Hitler and the Homeland the Fatherland and the Homeland, but that started before Trump even came in.

So Trump’s all American as far as you’re concerned.

Well I don’t know if he’s all American. I mean, what’s all American. I think of it like this: you can make comparisons to anything. A lot of the socialized medicine and other things that Obama passed were very socialized and could lead to communism. And Trump, he’s pushing a lot of things that could lead to a lot more—even though he says he’s not—towards more government control. What we need is less government.

I’ll tell you what—put it this way: they’re making a big deal about things that happen all the time. Like the majority vote and all that stuff. That stuff happens all the… I’m not a Trump—I’m not an anything supporter. I’m really not. I just try to worry about my little world—

That’s why I’m asking you.

But my thing is like this: that’s not the first time that happened. That happens more often than not. And the system is set up that way so that California and Manhattan don’t run the country. You know Iowa and Ohio wouldn’t have a voice if it wasn’t for the Electoral College.

You mentioned earlier the elites running everything—when you were younger, did the thought occur to that you wanted to be an elite? Of some type?

I think I wanted to be an elite badass. I don’t know. I think way back then, I was concerned with all kinds of other weird stuff. Being some kind of super soldier or something like that.

Go on. Tell me more. Why did you want to be a super soldier? Was there a moment? Or an influential person, like your dad?

I was lied to very young and realized it. They always said I was smart or whatever. So I think I’ve been able to see through a lot of bs.

Here’s the thing, my parents had a terrible marriage. Ok? Terrible. So in terms of things like a broken home and and unhappiness and other things, but the person that’s supposed to symbolize women and purity and all that is your mother. So when I witnessed my mother doing things she was supposedly wasn’t supposed to do, it made me question a lot. But then also my dad raised me on a lot of conspiracy theories and some of it had truth to it and somewhat realism… I don’t know where it came from man. I know that early on, I realized that people were believing lies—you know? And that they had been believing them for a long time. And I used to say early on that politics to me was like the WWF in a suit and tie.

It was all staged. Which is bs. Same with religion. Anybody who preaches to know something nobody knows. And says you’re wrong and they’re right. That makes no sense to me. I think that everybody is guessing. I believe in good and evil. I believe in an energy that connects the universe, but as far you know as what you want to call that—I think it’s good for anyone to believe what they believe, but I always looked at this like, how can you tell me you know this. If you knew this you wouldn’t be here with me. How can you tell me that you know. So I questioned a lot. And the more I looked into things… and I’ve seen it through life too—the funny thing is basically this: anything you’re looking at, if you get deep enough into it, or close enough to it, it’s never what you thought it was when you were looking at it. It’s never the same. Whether it’s from the politics of the government, religion, a biker gang, a street gang, anything. The police department. The military. If you talk anybody—most people—especially the people who got deep into it—not some guy who came into the infantry and came home or whatever. Did a desk job, but somebody who was really in it, like 20 years or had some kind of clearance. Or you know a guy in a biker gang, or whatever. I’ve been involved with a lot of these different people and you grow up thinking this is what it is and when you get inside that is what they’re portraying, but they’re not that. And that’s just so prevalent in life. And that, so that’s what made me know. I know this system stopped growing and doing what it was supposed to do long long before. The problem was people started believing it much more thoroughly in the 50s. They started questioning it in the 60s 70s and 80s. Drugs… maybe it was part of their plan. Drugs derailed a lot of the activism and search for truth. Between the chasing of materialism and cocaine… and things like that…

Do you think cocaine and materialism go together?

Well, I think they fuel each other. I think they’re a perfect match. In the beginning it was a status symbol to have cocaine. All the bigwigs and all the guys making money on wall street were doing cocaine. All the superstars were doing cocaine. And for a kid who has nothing and lives in the ghetto and doesn’t have any food in the refrigerator to be 15 years old and able to buy Mercedes Benzes. You know I don’t know if you ever saw that movie Paid in Full?


Paid in Full is based on a true story and based off a book… based on a true story… in the movie they were all grown ups but in real life they were 13 14 and 15 year old kids. And they were making millions of dollars off of crack in the 80s off of cocaine. And one of the guys in the movie his name was Ace, his connection was connected with the CIA. That wasn’t in the movie that’s the truth. So the CIA was flooding New York with two people in New York with this and they were flooding Freeway Ricky Ross in LA in Compton with it. But these kids you know 14 15 years old, also materialism. Having 5, 6, 8 foreign cars and all the money they wanted and in reality these were all little kids. Yeah, that’s materialism. That’s going to take you away from any kind of activism or anything.

Even with all the biggest activists, another thing that takes away from that is a lot of the time you find they’re hypocrites. And like you know Major dudes in the Black Panther party had white girlfriends or were doing cocaine. You know what I mean he he he. I don’t know if the criminal lifestyle was enticing to me. Well when I was younger, the action enticed me. And it absolutely enticed me. The money was something that always came secondary for me because I wasn’t planning on living that long. That’s the honest truth. When I was younger, never thought I was going to be 18, never thought I was gonna to be 21. I got a good friend of mine that , I remember, he’s older than me, back in the day, he’s very much a businessman. Very business oriented. He used always… He brought me on another level. Now he’s 100 percent legit. But he used to always tell me, “anything you want to do,” I used to do a lot of work for him. “Anything you want to do, I’ll pay for anything. Pay for any schooling. Pay for anything man. Just do it. You’ve got to think about when you’re my age.” And I said your age? You’re 25. I’m never going to be 25 bro. And then we saw each other again. He was 45, I mean 43 and I was 38 or something and I said, “remember that day when we were talking?” That’s what was with me. I didn’t look to the future. I was in it for the action.

Am I making a stretch then if I’m making a connection that that was your way of anticipating the period that we’re in now?

Well, I don’t know if I anticipated it. I think my anticipating it…

Like in chess. We played chess together. You don’t need to see what I’m up to, you just need to see I’m up to something and then you take a countermeasure. That’s what I mean by it.

Well I think definitely… I always hoped for revolution. You know, I used to dream about Red Dawn.

Yeah, I remember! Ha ha!

He he. There were years when I wouldn’t take my shoes off until I was about to go to sleep in case I had to jump out the window in case the Russians came. That’s how I grew up as a little kid. You know I mean ridiculous. And as far as um… We were only going in one direction. It wasn’t going to get any better. I don’t know when I made that decision. But I know it’s going to take a lot of action. Was it something I wanted? I don’t know if I wanted. I know there is no amount of voting or protesting that’s going to do what needs to be done if we want to take this country back.

Where are you now?

What do you mean? I’m at home. Ha ha ha.

So when I say where are you now, I mean, in terms of like, ok, you sensed there was going to be some shit. You thought you were going to be dead. You weren’t dead. You were slowed down because of life and maybe because of aging or getting wiser. Once you decided you were going to be here for a little bit longer, you had to switch gears.

Not my gear. I’m somewhat desensitized. My thing too I’ve been talking about this stuff for so long… I used to talk about this stuff… it and people used to not know what I was talking about and say whatever, I’m crazy… but now it’s what everybody else is talking about… and I’m so desensitized, I’m like that was like 15 years ago! Good luck.

And my other thing is I’ve come to the point and I think it’s something I’ve actually always done my whole life is I get ready to anticipate, but I don’t spend the time, I think it can distract you in times of real real intense situations to try and think too far ahead. I try to be as ready as I can for anything. And I’ll deal with it when it happens. Now I’m trying to make the best of right now as I can and if anything happens I think I’m pretty much as ready as anyone can be—

You’ve got cars, you’ve got physical training, you’ve got experience with weapons, you know how to survive…

Yeah, wilderness survival and everything. It’s all good, but there’s no telling where it’s going to go and what’s going to happen. I don’t know. Some other things that happen, I think—being that a lot of my rights were taken on my 18th birthday, I always felt like I wasn’t an American citizen. I used to say that all the time. I haven’t been a citizen since 18. I haven’t had rights since I was 18. They took them all…


… this is not my America. Because I got in trouble.

I see.

I never had a right to bear arms. I didn’t have a right to vote. I didn’t have a right to… for search and seizure. I didn’t have a right to—

So tell me more about that.

I was never a free American as an adult. And I realized very early on that this is a police state. And I realized how blind other Americans are. I had a sister that was very sheltered and her husband was in the military… and believed that the police are only here to help us and there is no such thing as a bad cop… but one time some stuff went down as I got charged with inciting a riot and all this other stuff and she kept asking ‘well you must have been doing something wrong.’ And at that time really there were mistakes made. But really it was a police state. I mean I’m telling you, 15 years ago, I would tell people: look if we’re sitting down watching a movie, and there are two guys walking down the street and a couple of uniformed soldiers walk up and say ‘comrade, where are your papers? Let me see your papers.’ And if the guy doesn’t have papers they either come up and beat him or beat him and take him to jail, what would you think that was? Nazi Germany? Communist Russia? I’d say, this is America. Right now! I’d say that 15 years ago. So if they pull you over and you don’t have identification, guess what? It’s going to be a problem. It’s the same as it was then. It is a police state. Especially in California. Major police state. The largest union—I don’t know if it still that way, but for a long time—

Prison guards. The prison guards union. Yeah. Fuck those guys.

Yeah. The prison guards union. Yeah, fuck those guys, but at the same time, I tell all my nephews: ‘go become a prison guard bro.’

The moment the system slips, these guys are getting murdered…

Well look. That all sounds good. But here’s the thing. There’s a few things.. Very seldom does that happen. Second of all, nowadays, unless you’re in certain units of certain prisons, you’re just a turnkey bro. All you got to do is turn the key. You don’t even have to keep the prisoners half the time. Most of them aren’t doing anything. Here’s another thing: “send the prisoners off to war.” Most of them are pussies. There are 5 guards for 300 prisoners. And nobody’s busting their grapes. Some of them are never going home bro. But they sell them—what they do—it’s like a microcosm. They do what they do out here in civilization. Just how they do for the civilians. They keep them separated with race. They keep them separated by other statuses. And they keep them pacified with false hopes. So there used to be a time when lifers were the baddest dudes in the prison. But somewhere around the early mid 2000s they were the biggest pussies in that fucker because they all thought they were going to get some kind of a pardon or a date. So if you keep hanging carrots in front of them these guys don’t want to do nothing. They think ‘If I stay out of trouble for the next 5 years, I might get out of prison. Or maybe the next 5 years I’ll get out of prison.’ So they stay pacified. You keep them down with those kinds of carrots and you keep them—I got a lot of love from the white guys. I would tell everybody, it’s not about black and white, or Mexican or red. It’s blue. Back then we wore blue. We wore blue denim clothes. And they wore green. It’s about blue and green. That’s what it’s about. Are you wearing blue or are you wearing green? They’re the other team. Not this black dude. Not this Mexican. Those guys are the other team. But they don’t ever see that. Prison’s a silly thing too, because it doesn’t change. There are racial divides that are less and less now but still there, that have been since the 50s. Okay? People just don’t let go of stuff. A lot of those people, if they could change…if they could change they would have the capacity for growth and they wouldn’t be in fucking prison. He he hoo. Or they wouldn’t be going back.

Well then there are people like you who before you realized what was going on you lost all your rights.

Yeah, but you know. There’s a lot more that are stuck in the thing and they get blinded by what people tell them to worry about. And if it’s not that, it’s the drugs. You know what I mean? It’s not a racial divide. Like out here. Even with the Trump and the everything else—everything. The media. They perpetrate it more than anything because they want to sensationalize a story. 34:07 There’s no more unbiased media. You know they want ratings. And so they’re quick to anything that’s on race. They diffuse… they made black people mad at white people and white people mad at black people instead of the oppressed mad at the police or the establishment. ‘Let’s not be mad at police shootings,’ because they kill more white people than black people every year. ‘Let’s not be mad at the police killing people or us having no rights of privacy or even rights to bear arms, let’s be mad because it was a white guy that shot a black guy.’ When there are more black people killed by black people every year, whether it’s a cop or not. Instead of focusing on police brutality against the civilians, they’re focused on black people. They put race into it. It fuels the thing. And it automatically puts a lot of people onto a side. Either you don’t want to be racist so you side with the black guy if you’re white and you don’t want to be racist. Or you want to be white and not be picked on, so you side with the white people. Whether you agree with it or not. It keeps you divided. It puts you in a situation of like, ‘what am I going to do?’

Where you’re forced to choose.

Am I in Berkeley? Or am I in Louisville? You know what I mean, so what am I going to do, right? So instead of focusing on the true problem, that it’s a police state we created, due to the fact that we bought into the system that we didn’t realize was fucking us on both sides. Another thing I said for years and years is the elitists are all on the same team. They’re all have dinner together. They’re all working for the same thing. Which is—whether you want to call it world order, whether it even is people—they make these huge extravagant things about these people pulling strings… yeah, well maybe. And there are a certain amount of people who are the mega rich, you know? Because rich people—you look at rich people they’re not even really in the picture. The people who are in the picture, you can’t even fathom. You know the power that they have is not just regular rich people, but the thing is we’re not realizing all these people on both sides. We’re so busy being divided. By race. By ethnicity. By political parties. We don’t realize they’re both fucking us. So I used to say, ‘one will get in there and take away our freedom of speech, and another one will take our right to bear arms and another one will take away our right to privacy.’ You know what I mean? And they scare us, just like with drunk stops, which is basically just a checkpoint. And they use things we can’t argue about. Drunk driving is bad. Drunk driving kills children. Drunk driving does terrible things. So yeah, put up these things. Especially on days like 4th of July.

Yeah, well police states kill people too, ha ha.

Exactly. We buy into it, just like we buy into giving up right rights to privacy for terrorism. We give up our right to privacy, but who is it going to be war on next? So if you okay, drunk stops on 4th of July and New Year’s. So if it works so great, we’re going to do it on February 22nd. And we’re going to do another one March 3rd! You know what I mean? And then the next thing you know, there are checkpoints. And they don’t just pull you over, and if there’s anything else going on… but then people say, ‘well if you aren’t doing anything wrong…’ but when does when what you want to do become what they call ‘wrong’? And that’s the question!

Don’t you have the right to do wrong things? Isn’t crime the evidence of a free society?

Well, I see what you’re saying, but somebody needs to protect the weak.

I agree with that.

Snitching right now is rampant. And that comes from the fact that people are in the game—the dope game or the criminal game—that should have never been there, okay? 39:20 It became very posh. It became very in to be dealing drugs and on drugs and all this other stuff, okay? Securing a gun… also life became very cheap. And that’s a whole other thing of why, how that happened. But I’ll get into that. So all these people who don’t belong in this lifestyle are in this lifestyle because they think it’s cool or whatever. So when they get busted they tell. And those are snitches. So the minute you pick up a gun or dope sack or you make that money off of that dope sale or you even rob somebody or whatever you do, criminal activity you’re pretty much signing a contract to the life that you’re not going to tell. That you’re going to take your time. That you’re going to do what you got to do and all this other stuff. Now if you rob a civilian and that person calls the police, that is not a snitch, because that person is living by the laws of society and they’re entrusting in that protection that they entrust in, okay? That’s what they’re supposed to do. That civilian, that regular guy that goes to work everyday and comes home and plays with his kid or whatever—he’s not supposed to fight back or take that lick. He’s supposed to call the cops. So by you doing that, you’re inviting him to tell on you. You can’t say that guy snitched. So that’s the difference. These people now are living a life they don’t understand because they think it’s cool. And that’s where a lot of this stuff all comes from now. And what’s happening too is it’s really easy to pull a trigger when you’re all doped out and all this other stuff. But to live with it for the next ten years in jail while you’re sober, that’s a whole other story. You know and not tell on everybody and all this other stuff. And the way life got so cheap was because back in the day a lot of people didn’t want to kill you they didn’t want to kill anybody. There were a lot of guys when I was younger, that were really tough, and they beat you up and all this other stuff, but they didn’t want to kill nobody. And it was something I didn’t really understand. I was always like ‘hey whatever.’ For my thing it’s was always life or death. It was always like if you’re running at me, if you’re trying to kill me, I’m going to try to kill you. Whatever. So it was different back then. But there came a time when people started realizing, ‘so, if I beat this guy up…’ People would come back and shoot somebody. So whether it was some old guy coming out of prison and some youngster beat him up and the old guy would shoot him or some old guy beat the youngster and the young guy would come back and shoot him, or the old guy would rob the youngster and the youngster would come back and shoot him, it became a thing of ‘instead of that, I’m just going to shoot you first.’ You know what I mean? And then what happened was everybody had somebody who had been shot in their family. You know, in a lot of these neighborhoods and even with regular people. Whether it’s this guy’s uncle or—it’s not, if not five people, there was at least one uncle or cousin or someone who got killed. So they became desensitized to the situation and that led to the situation where everybody is just shooting everybody.

The wolf needs sheep. The wolf won’t survive without sheep. But for some people, they’re perfectly happy being a sheep. But if you try to make a wolf a sheep or put a wolf in a cage, it’s a different deal. And for some people, they’d rather live a day as a wolf than a lifetime as a sheep. And that’s just what it comes down to. It’s a lot harder if you’ve seen it. If you’ve been really free or you felt like it was possible. Sometimes you just need to back it up and just be master of yourself. All the old sayings, ‘a coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies once.’ Same thing, ‘cuz, you know you face everything. But at the same time, you can get over it too. You know there are some things I regret in life. But if I had to do them different, maybe I wouldn’t be here to regret doing them, know what I mean? But at the same time, I wouldn’t be here at all. And there are good things right now, right? So there are things on both sides of the coin. But to put it in a nutshell, if I had to sum it up into 1 thing of surviving the Trump era it’s don’t make something out of something it’s not and be ready for anything because we don’t know what’s going to happen. Be as ready as you can for everything, but don’t waste this time now worrying about something that may never happen. Live right now, because right now is what we’ve got. But be ready for whatever could possibly happen while living this life.

So a lot of the people who voted for Trump, do you think a lot of these people are sheep worshiping the wolf?

I don’t think so. First off all, a lot of America doesn’t realize what is going on in the rest of America. We’re so caught up trying to pay our $5000/mo rent in San Francisco or Manhattan and caught up in turning in our reports or emails or buying this ring or keeping this chick happy, or buying a car, we don’t realize there are people living like it’s the third world out in Ohio in Cleveland you know what I’m saying? Or in Detroit. There are whole cities of condemned houses. Of people who lived in a home and worked in a factory and now none of that life they knew is there. And now what are they doing? Maybe they’re on welfare or scrounging by. Maybe they’re smart people who want to work, but there is nothing there. We don’t realize that’s going on in America. Those are the people who elected Trump ‘cuz he said he was going to bring jobs back. It wasn’t an elite that elected Trump. And I don’t like to make these connections, but you know, Hitler was about making Germany great. Ironically. He was for the people. They were distraught after world war 1. They were beaten.

That’s a safe argument. Historians agree with that position.

Yeah, he gave them hope. So what I’m saying was people it wasn’t the high tax bracket and all this stuff, no he got elected by the people who wanted their jobs back. And of course yes some of them went into the ‘Hillary and Obama…’ I think much less of it. They weren’t racist. They didn’t dislike Obama, even because of affordable care or Obamacare or whatever you want to call it. They dislike that the last ten years they don’t even have a job and they don’t have a home. There’s no homes to buy. There are condemned homes. Do you know what happens when you have four or five blocks of condemned homes? What do you think the crimes are? The homeless? And the rapes and all the other stuff that goes on in these condemned neighborhoods. Know what I mean? So, it’s a very… a lot of these people protesting and going off on all this other stuff they didn’t even realize, they don’t even know now. They’re too busy on the racial and political lines to even realize that this stuff is going on. They don’t have family, or don’t live in Detroit and don’t realize how bad it is in some of these places. There’s nobody living in some of these neighborhoods. That’s what I think got Trump elected. 51:47 That’s where he won those swing states. You know the electoral college—

So he’s not an aspiration. It’s more of a they look at the wreckage of the world around them and they think “here’s a guy that says he understands and he’s talking differently from everyone else so maybe he actually does understand.”

Well, yeah. And I’ll tell you what, yeah. I think so. And they believed that he was going to bring industry back to this area. And in some ways, some of the stuff he’s doing, whether it’s the right course of action or not, he is doing things to try and bring industry back to America. With the border tax and all that stuff. But the problem is every action has an equal or greater reaction. So where does that go to when you think about all the economy. Is it just cars? Is it just jobs? Just car jobs? Car parts that we send to another country? Or does it echo to Walmart to something made in China? Is it going to go up five dollars? So it’s all economic. So you have inflation. The dollar. The inflation of costs of living with the deflation of the dollar. It could be a double thing. How’s it going to work out? Who knows. Where’s the line drawn? He has some good ideas maybe, at the same time, can we put it into action? Can it be done? I don’t know. I think all the problem is everybody is so anti-Trump. They did it. They did it on purpose. I think if there are powers that be and anything else, they’re scared of Trump. Because Trump is different from anything we’ve ever had. Now is it going to make a difference in the long run? Is it going to make it better or worse or end up different? I don’t know. But he’s different from anyone that’s ever been in there. Way different than Barack Obama. And I said that from the beginning. 54:49 When Barack Obama was elected I’m not for or against Barack Obama and I’m definitely not racist. And I said this guy can talk. This guy’s like a pimp. This guy can talk. He can talk. I would catch myself listening to him because he could talk. He could make me want to listen. He was very enticing. And he was a great talker. One of the best speakers that we ever had. He was an amazing speaker. Now was he any different? Was he from a different class of people? Was he a true American black man? No, but he was the first black president. And he if anybody in the history of America, was elected on race, it was Barack Obama. And people even admitted it. And nobody had a problem with it. ‘Cuz there were people 60, 70, and 80 years old born and raised in America and never voted in an election, went out and voted for Barack Obama. They admitted that and nobody had a problem with that. Nobody brings up the fact that if anyone was voted in and given office on the basis of their race—meaning racism in one form or another—it was Barack Obama. Now he did a decent job. It’s a tough job. And you’re not—the President’s not going to fix America. That’s the thing. Is the blade going to fall on Trump because this is something that’s been coming for the last hundred years and this is the direction we’ve been moving in? I don’t know. Can he fix it alone? I seriously doubt it. I don’t believe it at all. I don’t believe any president can. Because once they’re in there, it’s like you take over, it’s like taking over a company that’s already—what are you going to do? How much can you change it? You know what I mean? It’s already going on. But you know, I think he is different. I think the powers that be if they do exist, they’re as scared as anyone else because he is different. And they don’t know what to expect. What people fear the most is the unknown in general. Human nature. Fear of the unknown. They don’t know what the hell to do with this guy, because they don’t know what the heck he really is. Their concern is with distraction. They’re going to bring up womanizer. They’re going to make people hate Trump for reasons that has nothing to do with his governing. 56:49 Nobody’s giving him a chance. “Let’s tear this down before it even starts.” They were protesting stuff earlier that didn’t even happen yet. You know what I mean?

That goes back to the prisoners in terms of race, or class, or privileges they can get if they behave… it’s all blue versus green.

Yeah. Exactly. It’s a way of distracting them from the true essence of what’s holding them down.

So what should they be aspiring towards?

Well, I mean, I don’t know what they should be aspiring toward…

Just from your vantage point.

I think what they should aspire toward—mental and emotional well-being. And preparedness. Preparedness for life. To focus more on what makes them happy instead of being told what to do. If they want to be knowledgeable, they have to look for the truth. You can’t reiterate somebody else said or what the media says—especially if you only listen to one media… you don’t listen to both sides. Like they say, ‘common sense is not so common.’ What it really is, people have for so long—and some people are not even capable of free thought. And that’s what changes the world. And the other problem is people are all talk. It’s just like the gym. People all want this. All want that. But they aren’t doing the work. They want this result or that result in the gym. But they aren’t doing the work. They talk about everything they want and how they want to lose this weight or tighten this up, but they’re not doing the work. They don’t do what it takes. And when they get in there sometime, and they get off their but, suddenly it’s not so comfortable. It’s not easy, it’s hard. And they stop going. That’s the sad thing. People are so comfortable. If a large percentage of America gets so downtrodden, if it goes so far—it’s not going to be the Trump administration. Maybe 2 or 3 administrations later. Maybe 10 administrations later. But if we’re ever so oppressed, where our beautiful lives are not so beautiful, then people might embrace the terrible things that will have to be done. You understand? But right now, even if they did jump in the gym for a day it’s not going to be fun. I mean, look at Iraq. Look at what these people go through for what they call their freedoms, or whatever on either side. On whatever side you want to look at. Are people ready for the streets of America to look like that? Fuck no. They’re not going to give up In N Out Burgers.

I’m not. Ha ha.

They want to talk a big game. You know what I’m saying? But who wants to do that? Who wants to risk their lives? They want to run around with black masks on and bust windows in their own neighborhood. What is that? You’re going to tear up your college you go to? What is that doing? When it comes down to what it would really look like if it really happened? Oh no, not even 1 percent would even be ready for that. And that’s why it’s so far away in my mind. So much more oppression, so much more to come. Whole Foods ‘Low carbs.’ How about enough food for us to survive? That’s where it’s got to go.1:01:44 It’s so far from that I believe—look, there’s no reason for the government to oppress so quickly—that it’ll happen any time soon. If it became like a police state it would be like it is in Boston, when they went searching for that guy [Tsarnayev]. If we just did that all over and you couldn’t go to school during certain hours or you weren’t allowed to have more than a certain amount of money in the bank. Make up any scenario you want. Where people are going to work and not getting paid at all. Getting paid in toilet paper and cheese. How long is it going to take for us to get there? A long time. And also, uprisings get crushed immediately. See, that’s why they keep us separated. If it’s just an uprising because people are mad at Trump or mad at the Republicans or they’re mad at white people or mad at black people. It’s such a small percentage that it can be crushed and it can be fought. It can be sold to some other majority that it is wrong. It can be extinguished before it can become a blaze. The spark will be extinguished always because they keep them separated. Until there’s enough common suffering between all those lines, it’ll never ignite into anything real.

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